Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting to Know Me: My First Love

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I bet you thought I was going to write about a person. Right? Trust me, I could. I could write and write about my first love. But, I'm not going to. For my own personal reasons. But, my {non-human} first love was writing. I was keeping journals since I could write basic words. I mean, literally. Notebooks with entries such as: "I like to play." "I ate cookies."  These entries evolved into ones with much deeper thoughts. I had notebooks that had pages and pages of my personal beliefs and views written in them. I had a notebook of letters I had written to my father. I had notebooks full of research on my favorite topics. I had notebooks full of stories and poems. Growing up, my most prized possession was never a toy or an article of clothing. It was my pens and paper. Everyone knew that in order to make me smile, just get me some notebooks and some pens and I was good to go!

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