Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting to Know Me: My First Love

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I bet you thought I was going to write about a person. Right? Trust me, I could. I could write and write about my first love. But, I'm not going to. For my own personal reasons. But, my {non-human} first love was writing. I was keeping journals since I could write basic words. I mean, literally. Notebooks with entries such as: "I like to play." "I ate cookies."  These entries evolved into ones with much deeper thoughts. I had notebooks that had pages and pages of my personal beliefs and views written in them. I had a notebook of letters I had written to my father. I had notebooks full of research on my favorite topics. I had notebooks full of stories and poems. Growing up, my most prized possession was never a toy or an article of clothing. It was my pens and paper. Everyone knew that in order to make me smile, just get me some notebooks and some pens and I was good to go!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting to Know Me: Introduction

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That's me. And below are some random facts about me.

1~ I was born July 28, 1978

2~ I am a 100% Leo.

3~ I have 6 daughters and 1 son.

4~ I am studying Psychology in college. I finish my Bachelors at the end of May and will be going for my Masters in Clinical Psychology with concentration in Counseling in September.

5~ I love New Orleans.

6~ Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday.

7~ My favorite foods are Italian, seafood, and Cajun.

8~ I am stubborn when I believe strongly in something.

9~ I know more about football than most men would like to admit I know. My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints. I do not miss any news when it comes to them.

10~ I have been a Hornets fan since they were franchised in Charlotte. Now that the original Hornets have been renamed the Pelicans, I am a Pelicans fan. It doesn't matter to me that Charlotte is getting the name Hornets back; the team I liked from the beginning is in New Orleans.

11~ My favorite color is pink.

12~ I listen to all types of music.

13~ I'm a loyal friend until you betray me.

14~ I have wanted to be an author since I was a little girl. I was writing short stories before I reached the double digits. I started writing poetry in high school. I also had written two children's books (never published) when I was 16. I did not decide to start writing novels until I was in my 20's. 

15~ I have 2 tattoos. At one time, I had 10 piercings.

Was NaPoWriMo a Success??

This was my first year participating in NaPoWriMo. I really enjoyed it and was able to write poems that are uncharacteristic for me. I found some prompts that I would like to work more on when I'm not constricted by school. I am happy to say that I did complete the month's worth of poems! They are all listed on this blog and will be published into a book form once I reach a certain amount of poems in my collection (I do have more poems that were written prior to this month). I cannot wait to participate again in 2015!

All poems can be found HERE

Was Camp NaNo (April Session) a Success??


I set my goal for this month to only 10,000 words. I knew that I would be in my last 8 weeks of college in April and I did not want to over-extend myself.

I wrote 10,015 of the novel! 

I plan to write more (although a smaller amount; this is my last month of undergrad school!) this month. My goal will be way higher in the July Camp NaNo. I also intend to have the novel finished by the time November's NaNo comes around so I can begin another of my projects I have sitting around. 

Goals: May 2014

  • Write a "Golden Shovel" poem. This was the Day 5 challenge in NaPoWriMo but I didn't complete it {Just wrote a random poem}. I really want to attempt this type of poem. If I do not get it done this month, I will definitely get it done in June. 
  • Write more poems using the senses to describe things. {Example: The Beach
  • Write 5,000 more words of Their Always and Forever.
  • Finish the May 2014 prompts I am doing (A get to know me type deal).
  • Participate in the MAYhem challenge in a writing group I am in. 
  • Add approximately 10 more poems to my poetry collection.