Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I need to say goodbye,
But the words, I cannot say.
I love you to the ends of the earth.
Sadly, you do not feel the same.
I must say goodbye,
Although I do not want to.
Going on without you
Is breaking my heart.
Goodbye for now
But I promise I will be back.
I love you with a love
That is worth fighting for.

© C.J. Delessio 2014

*** I used the NaPoWriMo prompt for today. The prompt was to write a farewell poem. *** 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Special Place

I want to relax.
So I find a special place,
Just for me.
A hammock on the beach,
Hanging from a coconut tree.
A special place where I can dream.
Smelling the warm ocean water.
Feeling the warm ocean breeze.
All while being lost in my happy thoughts.

© C.J. Delessio 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Starfish

I spend my summer days
Walking along the beach.
I walk in a daze,
Dreaming of things out of reach.
I want things for me,
Things I’ve never spoken of.
Looking down, I see
What I believe is a sign from above.
A sign of intuition,
A beautiful starfish.
A creature sent on a mission
To grant me my one wish.
My wish to be with you
Every day and night.
I believe that I am due,
The wish I wished with all my might.

© C.J. Delessio 2014