Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Goals for 2014 {and January in General}

I have a lot planned for 2014 when it comes to writing. 

First off, I started writing a personal memoir of sorts. I have a working title, but am choosing to keep it under wraps for right now. I am presently just referring to it as WIP #2. I have a lot of emotions tied to this one and at times it is tough to write. I wanted this one to be published within the next two months. It's looking like a long shot right now. 

Second, I worked hard on the novel I had begun a couple of years ago. It went through several name changes. It was Far Away at one point, then Never Forget, and is currently called The Cardoni War. It will probably remain as that for good. I scrapped everything I had written and began fresh for NaNo in November. I am proud to say that I am a NaNo 2013 winner. Now begins the process of finishing it and editing it. I had wanted to get this one published in the spring, around March or April.

Third, back in December, I had two different stories come to me. One was by way of a dream and this particular story is way out of my comfort zone. I wrote down what I remembered of the dream and will go back to it whenever I feel the story calling to me again. The second "story" was really just a character telling me, "Hey, I'm here and I have a story and you are going to be the one to tell it." But, pretty much all he has told me his name. These are two stories I will be working on.

Fourth, on New Years Eve, a couple popped into my head and shared a love scene with me. I think they are wanting their story told as well. This may very well be my NaNo 2014 idea.

Fifth, I still have a partial story I began back in 2002. I need to edit that one and complete it.

So, I do have a lot of plans on the writing front this year.

Goals for January

1) Finish writing WIP #2
2) Edit WIP #1 (The Cardoni War) and write 20,000 more words.
3) Create Scrivener files for all other ideas to keep them organized. 

Monthly Goals